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Cherry Coffee



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Finca Rosita, located in the Illimani community within the Caranavi region, covers 32 hectares solely dedicated to coffee cultivation. Named in honor of the Valverde-Arameyo family matriarch, Rosa Angelica Aramayo, the farm employs meticulous processing methods. The anaerobic fermentation process involves fermenting the coffee in completely sealed tanks, allowing CO2 gasses to escape without letting oxygen in, ensuring controlled and homogeneous fermentation. A brix meter is used to monitor the sugar content during fermentation, which lasts 4 to 5 days, after which the coffee is dried for 20-25 days depending on weather conditions.

Caranavi, Bolivia’s coffee capital, is a vibrant community of about 65 families. Coffee production here began in the 1960s and peaked in the 1990s, shifting towards quality over quantity in the early 2000s thanks to international development efforts. Today, Caranavi boasts a strong coffee identity with coffee shops, frequent competitions, and a proud community of coffee farmers. The younger generation is now taking the helm, ensuring a bright future for Bolivian coffee.

Bolivian coffee’s rarity is striking; while neighbor Peru produces millions of bags, Bolivia’s output is just 40,000 bags annually. This scarcity, combined with Caranavi’s unique microclimate, yields gems like Typica, Caturra, and the coveted Geisha. Through our partnership with Red Fox Coffee Merchants, we aim to share Bolivia’s unique coffee story with the world, creating more opportunities for smallholder producers and fostering a vibrant coffee culture


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Black Forest Cake, Mulled Wine, Robust




Natural Anaerobic


1640 masl


Catuai and Typica


Espresso 1:2 / Pourover 1:16